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Spa In Gulshan | Comfortable & Real Thai Massage Provider

You are most welcome at the best Spa in Gulshan area. We are a Real Thai Massage Provider in Dhaka. So you can come here to get Comfortable and Relaxation.

About Us


Our Reputation, Service Quality and Satistication

We are a Real Thai spa massage provider in Gulshan. Nowadays, modern spa therapy includes not only water but also have various Elements Like oil, Stone, Natural Chemical, etc. Gulshan Thai spa has 10+ years of an experienced massage specialist. So if you want to the best spa in Gulshan Dhaka, You are most welcome with Thai Spa Dhaka center, where you take a relax your body and your mind. We do provide the physical and spiritual healing of massage therapy, including Thai, deep tissue, and stone massage, facials, body spa or treatments, and more. The purpose of a spa remains the same—to provide a space Spa therapy. “Gulshan Spa Points” wants to satisfy their client. Also, We have a good environment and a cool place.

Maintain our schedule with the guest that’s why you not tension about your valuable time. You don’t get the distressing behavior from us. Our all of stuff are very friendly with the honorable Gust. We are the Best Thai Spa Gulshan Two.

Gulshan Thai Spa Services


Thai Traditional Massage

Thai massage was already practiced for over 2,500 years and originally came through India. Traditional Thai massage incorporates impacts from both Herbal and conventional Chinese medications and was once thought to be a life-changing experience. The boost in agility could be due to Thai massage’s capacity to increase the supply of blood and O2 supply to muscle tissue.

Providing Avertable and comfort SPA Service in Dhaka. We do service the best quality full Thai Spa Massage Dhaka City in Bangladesh.

60 Minute-BDT:3000/-
90 Minute-BDT:4500/-
120 Minute-BDT:5500/-

Aromatherapy Massage


Aromatherapy focuses on holistic medicine that uses natural plant extracts for health and body wellness. Most massage therapists apply some particular’s, and essential oils in combination with their massage techniques to improve physical. An aromatherapy massage is use for a variety of reasons like relaxation, pain control, and mood enhancement. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware you can use.

‘Gulshan thai spa’ Provides the best aromatherapy massage in Gulshan area. We do service the best quality aromatherapy Massage in Dhaka.

60 Minute-BDT:3500/-
90 Minute-BDT:4500/-
120 Minute-BDT:5000/-

thai spa dhaka body to body massage

Body to Body Massage

The idea behind body-to-body massage is to harness the intimacy and power of skin touch. A part of Nuru massage, it is the only massage therapy where the two bodies fully touch and exchange energy. The warmth of two naked bodies rubbing against each other provokes a feeling of deep relaxation and affection. This therapy is perfect for those who seek intimacy or want to feel pampered. Body-to-body massage is also sexually stimulating and can take the recipient to heights of pleasure. To feel the power of this therapy, you have to try it.

60 Minute-BDT:8000/-
90 Minute-BDT:10500/-
120 Minute-BDT:15000/-

Aroma Thai oil Massage

Aroma Thai oil massage is a variant of traditional Thai massage, using extra pressure and deep rhythmic movements along the body’s meridian/energy line. Thai Oil Massage (Warm) Base Oil (not necessarily special oil or so-called essential oil)) Thai oil massage allows the therapist to glide over the body using specific oil properties. But not every spa, hotel, and parlous have such faculties, and wherever it does. Aroma Thai oil massage center in Gulshan Thai spa provides. We have the most experience with Thai oil massage. Aroma oil massage is now near your door.

60 Minute-BDT:3500/-
90 Minute-BDT:5000/-
120 Minute-BDT:6000/-

Sensual Massage

First thing, Sensual Massage does not involve verbal penetration of any kind. It is a simple spa massage with an erotic massage technique that promotes relaxation and stimulation. During a sensual massage, you will meet and greet your therapist, and the therapist will ask you to remove your clothes. If you find it uncomfortable to be naked in front of your body massage, you may want to cover your genitals with a small towel. After that, the therapist will instruct you to start the massage by lying on your stomach. The service provider will tell you to lie on your back and continue massaging. Initially, the massage will be like any other spa massage, but by and by, it will use erotic caresses and even go to your genitals.

60 Minute-BDT:7000/-
90 Minute-BDT:9000/-
120 Minute-BDT:11000/-


Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is a type of spa massage therapy that has been used in Indian culture for thousands of years due to its many health benefits. In a hot oil massage session, a therapist typically massages their client’s head or body with hot oil. Hot oil spa massage treatments are not new. Hot oil Massage near me at Gulshan. Gulshan Thai spa service is this particular service. It’s help your hair and can enhance hair growth and stimulate hair follicles and hair fibers. Hot oil massage in gulshan available now.

60 Minute-BDT:3500/-
90 Minute-BDT:5000/-
120 Minute-BDT:6000/-

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